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Freedom Edition

HurryCane® Freedom Edition™

HurryCane® Freedom Edition™

482 medical providers recently shared this with their patients, and were not paid to do so! Hear why they shared this product with patients

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HurryCane® Freedom Edition

About the HurryCane® Freedom Edition

The redesigned HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ gives you more comfort than ever before.


• Stands on its own — Even on Carpet: A wider SteadiGrip™ base with cross-hatched tips provides greater stability and traction to help your cane stand on any surface.
• Improved Stability: We've increased the range of the pivoting WhisperFlex™ design for better balance and stability.
• Easy to Fold, Carry & Store: Folds and unfolds in seconds for unparalleled convenience you can take on the go.
• All Day Comfort: The larger, grooved handle provides a secure grip and reduces strain.

SteadiGrip™ Base

With a wider base and redesigned feet, it provides better traction on any terrain.

WhisperFlex™ Design

The pivoting base gives you more stability and balance and is always whisper quiet.

Balanced Stability

The offset handle positions your weight over the shaft, increasing stability while reducing pressure on the wrists.

Stands by Your Side

Non-folding design is always there when you need it.

What doctors told their patients about our product*

These are notes that a few of the 482 providers who shared our product wrote to their patients. This data was collected by a 3rd party partner, Frontrow Health. These notes do not constitute general medical advice.


Physician from Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Verified physician
30+ years in practice

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

This cane is actually very versatile with eight height adjustments, allowing for a custom fit...
This cane is actually very versatile with eight height adjustments, allowing for a custom fit (most of your caretakers have told me that other canes don’t fit your height perfectly so I tried to find one that’s flexible). Also for some of you all that are struggling with obesity, this is very durable as it's tested to support more weight than other canes on the market (a few of my patients actually had a walking cane break because it wasn’t durable, so this was a key feature for me in my choice to add this product).

Physician from Austin, TX

Private Clinic

Verified physician
25+ years in practice

Private Clinic

I’d choose this over other walking canes...offering greater stability compared to traditional canes
I’d choose this over other walking canes to share with my elderly patients specifically because of its unique three-point contact design and pivoting base which basically mimics the natural motion of your ankle, offering greater stability compared to traditional canes. Its wider base and large ergonomic handle ensure you have a secure grip and can stand on various surfaces, including carpet.

*These notes do not constitute general medical advice.

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