Frequently Asked Questions

What is New and Improved on the HurryCane Freedom Edition?

The HurryCane Freedom Edition has been redesigned from top to bottom for better stability and ease of use:

  • Stands on Its Own — Even on Carpet: The Steadi-Grip base is now wider and features redesigned feet with cross-hatched tips to provide better traction on any terrain
  • Enhanced Stability: WhisperFlex pivoting base has a wider range of motion to give you extra stability and balance with whisper-quiet performance
  • Ergonomic Handle: Upgraded grooved handle provides a comfortable and secure grip
  • Improved Wrist Strap: Features a stay-tight, snapping wrist strap to secure your cane when folded

What Makes the HurryCane® Different From Traditional Canes?

The HurryCane® is the only cane with the SteadiGrip™ design and the proprietary pivoting base. These two amazing design technologies give you three points of contact for maximum stability on all terrains AND continuous balance and stability while at ANY angle. So unlike traditional canes that can slide out, under, or to the side of you, you'll always be connected and supported by the HurryCane®.

How is HurryCane Different From Similar Canes?

Every HurryCane is designed for a quiet and high-quality user experience. We use strong, durable materials designed for long-lasting use and undertake product testing to ensure our product supports a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

How Tall is the HurryCane®?

The HurryCane® expands and retracts to eight sizes, so it fits the vast majority of cane users. The HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ reaches 37.5" tall, and can be easily shortened through eight easy-push buttons to 30.5".

How Small is the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ When Folded?

The HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ easily folds into a tiny, easily storable 13.75".

Is the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ Easy to Fold Up and Unfold?

The HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ easily manually folds down in 2-3 seconds, and automatically unfolds in about a second.

How Much Does the HurryCane® Weigh?

The HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ is made of lightweight yet extremely strong and sturdy aluminum alloy for maximum strength with minimum weight. The total weight is less than one pound, making it a super-light yet amazingly sturdy cane.

Is the HurryCane® FDA Listed?

Yes, the HurryCane® is FDA listed.

How Much Weight Can the HurryCane® Hold?

The HurryCane® is designed for a maximum user weight of 350 pounds.

Will the HurryCane® Work For Me?

With eight sizing options, the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ expands and retracts from as short as 30.5" to as tall as 37.5", which means it fits the vast majority of cane users.

Can I replace the feet on my HurryCane?

Yes you can. Click here to view and order replacement feet for your HurryCane® .

Click here to download instructions on how to change your feet.

How Do I Adjust the HurryCane®?

Once the HurryCane® is assembled, adjust the handle height by pushing in the button and either lift up or push down to the desired size. On the Freedom Edition™, the button is found on the top section of the shaft. Ensure button snaps into place (sticks out and is not depressed) to secure the HurryCane® height.

How Do I Open the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™?

Carefully pull out each segment and snap in place.
Make sure all three segments are securely joined in place prior to using the cane.

How Do I Stand the HurryCane®?

Your HurryCane® acts like memory foam, remembering the last position it was in, so when you want to stand it next to you, simply 'reset the flex.' To do this, see the instructions that come with the HurryCane®.

How Do I Fold the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™?

Pull apart each segment, starting with the button, in a reverse counter-folding motion (the sections will remain connected by the inner cable).

How Do I Keep the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ Folded Up?

Once the cane is folded, place the wrist strap around the three segments of the cane and snap it closed