• I LOVE IT!!!

    "This is the 3rd one I bought. For some reason I keep leaving them in the grocery cart. I love them so much, I keep buying them. If I didn't I would give up. But I can't. Got to buy again!"


  • Best cane I’ve ever used !!!!

    "I had surgery in 2014 and purchased my cane prior to that because it was highly recommended to me. When I needed it, it was there, and when I didn’t, it was still there !!!! Thank you !!!"


  • Exceptional product

    "I've been purchasing since the item was introduced. For me personally, it's been the best investment for stability and mobility. Especially with the different terrains I encounter daily."


  • Best cane I’ve ever owned

    "Have used hurry canes for 12 years. They hold up well and function on all types of surfaces."


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Redesigned from top to bottom to give you greater confidence, stability, and comfort!

Stands on Its Own—Even on Carpet!

A wider SteadiGrip™ base with cross-hatched tips provides greater stability and traction to help your cane stand on any surface

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Improved Stability

We've increased the range of the pivoting WhisperFlex™ design for better balance and stability

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folded black Hurrycane

Easy to Fold, Carry & Store

Folds and unfolds in seconds for unparalleled convenience you can take on the go

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Ergonomic Comfort

The larger, grooved handle provides a secure grip and reduces strain

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