HurryCane® Freedom Edition™

  • Limited Time Buy One, Get One 50% Off!
  • Freestanding Design
  • Pivoting Base for Better Stability
  • Comfort Fit Handle
  • Folds Out Instantly


  • Pedal exerciser that stands on its own
  • No bending required due to pole handle feature
  • Lightweight and compact for everyday storage and transportation
HurryCane Go

HurryCane® Go™

  • Freestanding Design
  • Pivoting Base for Better Stability
  • Cushioned GoFoam Handle
  • Non-Folding Cane

Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • HurryCane® Heavenly Handle
  • HurryCane® Replacement Feet
  • HurryCane® Cane Holder
  • HurryCane® Wrist Strap Replacement
  • HurryCane® Go™ Handle Replacement


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HurryCane Heavenly Handle

Heavenly Handle™


  • For the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™ or HurryBright™


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HurryCane Replacement Feet

Replacement Feet

  • For the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™, HurryCane® Go™ or HurryBright™


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HurryCane Freedom Edition wrist strap replacement

HurryCane® Wrist Strap Replacement

  • Replacement wrist strap for the HurryCane® Freedom Edition™


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HurryCane Go handle replacement

HurryCane® Replacement Handle

  • Replacement GoFoam handle for the HurryCane® Go™


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HurryCane Go

HurryShield™ PPE Bag & Kit

  • Mask, gloves, sanitizer, door opener, 75% alcohol wipes
  • Adjustable straps and wrist strap
  • Double-ended zipper closure
  • Washable and compact
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